First Sight

Whitney + Branden = Mint Springs Farm Wedding

Whitney and Branden are absolutely perfect for each other.  Their Mint Springs Farm wedding was stunning and everyone had a blast even with the Tennessee July heat.  After spending the day with these two there is no doubt in my mind that they are truly loved by their friends and family.

Jenny + Peter = Kentucky Tobacco Farm Wedding

I don't even know where to begin with this wedding.  I absolutely love shooting weddings at the home of the bride or groom.  There is something really special about starting the day in the house full of amazingly sweet (and sometimes awkward) photos of the bride or groom and then shooting their wedding day at the same location.  Jenny and Peter's wedding was at Jenny's family's home which is on a working tobacco farm in Murray, Kentucky.  I was so happy that I finished editing the photos to post their wedding on National Dog Day because they had some of the cutest dogs I have ever seen involved in their wedding.  Jenny and Peter's dog, Bentley, followed them around the entire day and was obviously trying to build his portfolio for his dog modeling career because he was working the camera all day long.

Venue: Private Residence

Hair: The Crew of Murray KY

Makeup: Kimberly Odom

Dress- The White Room Lebanon

Jewelry- JCrew

Bridesmaid Dresses - JCrew

Florist-Import Flowers Nashville

Cake- Tanna Walker

Brittney + Connor = Memphis Farm Wedding

I love it when I get to travel out of town and photograph weddings at new venues...especially when that venue happens to be a beautiful 850 acre farm of a family friend.  Brittney + Connor are such an amazing couple and I am so honored that I got to photograph their wedding.  These high school sweet hearts are perfect for each other.  I'm so thankful that I get to meet people like them through photography. 2014-11-24_00012014-11-24_00022014-11-24_00032014-11-24_00042014-11-24_00052014-11-24_00062014-11-24_00072014-11-24_00082014-11-24_00092014-11-24_00102014-11-24_00112014-11-24_00122014-11-24_00132014-11-24_00142014-11-24_00152014-11-24_00162014-11-24_00172014-11-24_00182014-11-24_00192014-11-24_00202014-11-24_00212014-11-24_00222014-11-24_00232014-11-24_00242014-11-24_00252014-11-24_00262014-11-24_00272014-11-24_00282014-11-24_00292014-11-24_00302014-11-24_00312014-11-24_00322014-11-24_00332014-11-24_00342014-11-24_00352014-11-24_00362014-11-24_00372014-11-24_00382014-11-24_00392014-11-24_00402014-11-24_00412014-11-24_00422014-11-24_00432014-11-24_00442014-11-24_00452014-11-24_00462014-11-24_00472014-11-24_00482014-11-24_00492014-11-24_00502014-11-24_00512014-11-24_00522014-11-24_00532014-11-24_00542014-11-24_00552014-11-24_00562014-11-24_00572014-11-24_00582014-11-24_00592014-11-24_00602014-11-24_00612014-11-24_00622014-11-24_00632014-11-24_00642014-11-24_00652014-11-24_00662014-11-24_00672014-11-24_00682014-11-24_00692014-11-24_00702014-11-24_00712014-11-24_00722014-11-24_00732014-11-24_00742014-11-24_00752014-11-24_00762014-11-24_00772014-11-24_00782014-11-24_00792014-11-24_00802014-11-24_00812014-11-24_00822014-11-24_00832014-11-24_00842014-11-24_00852014-11-24_00862014-11-24_00872014-11-24_00882014-11-24_00892014-11-24_00902014-11-24_00912014-11-24_00922014-11-24_00932014-11-24_00942014-11-24_00952014-11-24_00962014-11-24_00972014-11-24_00982014-11-24_00992014-11-24_01002014-11-24_01012014-11-24_01022014-11-24_01032014-11-24_01042014-11-24_01052014-11-24_01062014-11-24_01072014-11-24_01082014-11-24_01092014-11-24_01102014-11-24_01112014-11-24_01122014-11-24_01132014-11-24_01142014-11-24_01152014-11-24_01162014-11-24_01172014-11-24_01182014-11-24_01192014-11-24_01202014-11-24_01212014-11-24_01222014-11-24_01232014-11-24_01242014-11-24_01252014-11-24_01262014-11-24_01272014-11-24_01282014-11-24_01292014-11-24_01302014-11-24_01312014-11-24_01322014-11-24_01332014-11-24_01342014-11-24_01352014-11-24_01362014-11-24_01372014-11-24_01382014-11-24_0139

Lydia + Luke = Green Door Gourmet Wedding

What an awesome day I had with Lydia and Luke at their Green Door Gourmet Wedding.  The day was so intimate and revolved around a close knit group of friends and the two loving families that came together.  Lydia + Luke are perfect for each other and I feel so blessed that they chose me to photograph their beautiful wedding.  The reception ended around 6pm which meant we had some time to explore all of Green Door Gourmet's 350 acres of organic farm land.


The Grange at Green Door Gourmet


The White Orchid

Chairs, Lights, Drapes, Tent:

Music City Tents

Event Set Up: Helping Hands


Burton Catering


The Frosted Affair

Invitations & Programs:

Minted, Ben Fennell


The White Room

Hair & Makeup: Meredith Harwood from Aveda