Nashville Wedding Photographer

Nashville Wedding Photographer Justin Wright

Hi! I'm Justin, and I'm way more interested in your story than mine, but if you made it to this page there are probably a few things I should mention...

I have been a full time wedding photographer for 7 years.  It also happens to be the same amount of time I have been married to my beautiful wife.  We live in Nashville with our two precious boys.  If I'm not shooting a wedding you will probably find me on a family hike, cleaning up legos, or relaxing in a local coffee shop.  



Besides Jesus, my family, and my work here are a few other things that I love...

  • BBQ
  • Traveling
  • Anything Outdoors - Camping, Kayaking, Hiking...
  • Dogs (cats are evil)
  • Documenting our Family Life
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ugly or Weird Coffee Mugs
  • Coffee for my Mugs
  • Nashville
  • A Good Pair of Boots
  • Independent Films
  • RayBans
  • More BBQ

What do I love about Weddings?

The amazing thing to me about weddings is the story.  You take one day in your life to invite everyone you love in the world to come to one place and celebrate two lives coming together.  There is a 'wedding day story', but the reality is that it is an expression of all the other stories that lead up to this one day. There are hundreds of stories being played out during the wedding, and I get to document it.  

It is such an honor to be invited to capture this story for couples. I love that I get to share the beauty I see with others through photos.  

And dancing...I love the dancing too.