Courtney + Phillip = Chicago Wedding

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There were a few things I had to in preparation for this wedding. Brush, floss, and whiten my teeth. When you are photographing the wedding of two dentists who fell in love, you have to show up with your best smile forward.

Courtney and Phillip live in Nashville now, but traveled back to Courtney’s home town for their awesome wedding. People traveled from all over the country to come and celebrate with these two love birds, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from weddings, it’s that when the majority of guests are from out of town they come ready to party. And party they did. I don’t like to play favorites but I have to say this was definitely ‘top 3 funnest receptions of all time’. Literally everyone was on the dance floor for the majority of the night.

They had their wedding at the Patrick Haley Mansion which is a gorgeous venue just outside of Chicago. The venue has a really cool hallway that has a photo from every wedding that has ever taken place there. A couple shot in the hallway became a ‘must have’ shot for the day.

Courtney and Phillip didn’t waste any time growing their family when they got back to Nashville…in the form of an adorable puppy haha. Thank you so much for letting me photograph your wedding and congrats on the new addition!