Lea + Elias = Historic Potter Farm Wedding

What an amazing, beautiful, and sentimental wedding this was at Historic Potter Farm.  I first met Lea and her parents when they came to Nashville to meet with some of their vendors and enjoy the city.  I knew this was going to be a special wedding as soon as we all sat down together to and I learned more about this family and Lea + Elias's story.  They met by 'the grace of God', and he just happened to use Instagram to make the connection.  They immediately bonded over their love for God and music.  Elias is a banjo player and Lea plays the fiddle.  

A few months before the wedding I received a disheartening phone call from Lea's mom letting me know that her husband had unexpectedly passed away in a tragic accident.  I'm always blown away at the level of intimacy my job entails and consider it an underserved blessing.  Holding back the tears, I listened as Stacie described how they would be incorporating Lea's father into the ceremony.  He was a minister and had performed a wedding in the past year or so.  The audio from that wedding was used for the ceremony so Lea's father could still play a part in uniting this wonderful couple.  It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen at a wedding.

I'm so excited for this couple and can't thank them enough for letting me capture such a unique and beautiful day.