Micah + Sarah = Proposal

When one of your best friends asks you to photograph him proposing to the girl of his dreams, you do it.  I've only shot one proposal before this. It was winter, in the dead of night, the temperature was about 35 degrees, and we were deep in the woods on a candle lit trail.  It was difficult to say the least. I was sure this one would be much easier, but I was wrong. 

Micah chose the perfect place to propose.  It was secluded, beautiful, and quiet.  We made sure to have a solid plan in place for the big moment.  I marked a spot for the proposal with a miniature tree, so I could get a clear shot through the woods.  I had my cameras ready to go on the ground hiding behind th tree I would be shooting from.  I was very specific in telling Micah to walk up the shore and not the trail that ran parallel to it....because I would be near the trail.  

Micah did not listen.

As I am waiting in my hipster-camo aka black skinny jeans and a black hoodie, I see them walking up the trail heading straight for me.  I bolt farther down the trail knowing that I have to leave my cameras at the tree because seeing someone with two cameras would give it away, but I knew I could probably pull of looking like an early-morning-emo hiker.  

Micah and Sarah turn off the trail and head to the shoreline just barely missing my cameras on the ground and blowing the whole mission.  

Now I have to find a way to get back to my photo-sniper spot without being seen, or at least looking like a normal person that just happens to be sharing the public park.  I start to sprint back to my spot, sweating like a mad man under the darkness of my black hood, and then slow down to a casual walking pace as I get closer. Trying to walk quietly in the forest is the same as attempting to avoid the creaks of a wooden floor in a 200 year old house.  It ain't happenin'.  

Luckily, Micah had Sarah facing towards the water so I could get back to my spot.  I would later find out he saw me and was wondering what the freak I was doing without my cameras in my hands. With me in my spot, and Sarah facing the water, Micah got down on one knee and everything was smooth sailing from there on out.  I was totally convinced that they had seen me or my cameras and I had blown the entire thing.  

I was wrong, and they are engaged. 

So excited for these two amazing humans and I can't wait to go to their wedding in Oregon and only bring my camera if I want to.