Harper + Evan = Long Hollow Gardens Wedding

The first time I got to meet Harper was at her cousin Lacey's wedding.  She is so such a sweet person and I couldn't have been more excited when she reached out to me about shooting her wedding.  One of my favorite things about photographing weddings is getting to work with the same groups of families and friends over and over again. You start to feel like you just happen to be taking photos at a party where all your friends are hanging out. 

Haper and Evan currently live in Colorado but are from Nashville so they decided to have their wedding at Long Hollow Gardens.  It was my first time shooting at this fantastic venue.  I was a little nervous to be shooting at a venue that is also a nursery because it was suppose to be raining all day.  Luckily, Long Hollow has a fantastic green house with great natural light, so we had a place to escape to with the threat of rain.  

The rain held off for us long enough to get a good amount of outdoor photos, but during the ceremony it sounded like a hurricane was coming through.  Everyone played it cool and the whole night went off without a hitch.  One thing I love about this particular group of family and friends is that they know how to have a good time...and they did not disappoint.