Beautiful Family Session in Nashville

I never do family sessions. It takes a special family for me to make an exception, and this is definitely a special family.  

I first met Ginny in Italy on a mission trip which lead to one of my favorite memories of her crashing a scooter right outside of the rental store with another girl on the back.  (Nobody was seriously physically injured...just pride.)

Shane and Chasidy are amazing people who also happen to live directly behind us with their two wonderful kids. #neighborhoodwatch

I was lucky enough to photograph Loden and Jacquelyn's gorgeous wedding and become friends with them in the process.  Not mentioning doing headshots for them as they start their real estate career. 

Linda is a beautiful soul and one of my mother in law's best friends, and Greg was nice enough to help us get our financing together to buy our first home!

I've been luck enough to get to know Grace because of all these other connections with her family and the emotional support she provided on Jacquelyn's bridal session.  

For the record, I actually love family shoots, but am so busy with weddings that I never have time for them.  I also have a slight fear of working with 0-3 year olds even though I have two beautiful boys of my own.  This session was so much fun and I couldn't believe how well behaved the kids were.  If there ever was a session that would make me consider changing my photography focus to families, it was this one.