Only You Can Prevent Flash Fires on Your Wedding Day

My camera cost upward of $5,000 and my two favorite lenses each cost around $1,800.  That means that at every wedding I photograph I am walking around with $7,000 around my neck.  I could trade it in for some sweet ICE to make me look like a pro basketball player or 50 cent, but it plays a huge role in my ability to capture special moments in your low light ceremony. If you are a future bride or groom you don't need to know the nerdy photography information that will help you understand why I invest in such amazing equipment or how it allows me to capture great images in low light...all you need to know is that when I am shooting your low lit ceremony  using only available light with my expensive equipment...which you have hired and trust me to do...


...the flash from your guest's camera will destroy my images and

      steal precious wedding day moments away from you.


Here is a shot I captured in a very low lit ceremony:


flash_hater 2






















Here is a shot I captured accompanied by the flash of a guest:


flash_hater 1





















Only you can prevent flash fires like the one above and protect your precious memories from being destroyed.  All it takes is a little sign or word from the officiant before the ceremony begins.


























This little gesture can make all the difference in the photos that your photographer is able to capture.  This sign could save your 'first kiss' photo, your 'dad giving you away' photo, or your 'anything in your low lit ceremony' photo.