Confession = I am Overwhelmed

  This time of year is absolutely crazy for me.


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It is the most beautiful time of the year in Tennessee because the weather is perfect and the leaves are changing from green to orange which means everyone wants to get married and/or have their engagement session or bridal portraits taken.  I feel blessed to be busy and consistently shooting year round, and have a love hate relationship with this time of year because I want to be shooting outdoor sessions in beautiful weather and surroundings, but part of me would also rather be spending that time with my family and friends doing awesome things like hiking and kayaking in the wilderness of our great state of Tennessee.


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So you may be thinking at this point in the blog post...where is he going with this?


This time of the year makes me thankful for my job.  #forrealsyall' I said...this is the craziest time of the year for me and there is a constant temptation to take that busyness and frustration and throw it towards my job, but the reality is that I absolutely love my job.


I make a good living. I work with amazing people. I take photos for a living. And I am typing this from the freakin' beach.

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In the midst of my crazy busy season and stress I want to thank all of the amazing couples that have chosen me to photograph their special day and thank God for giving me a job that provides for my family and satisfies the creative nature inside of me.