Ellen + Zach = Nashville Wedding

Ellen + Zach are such a sweet couple and I was so blessed to be a small part of their amazing wedding.  I have to admit that I wasn't totally surprised they hired me to photograph their wedding since I photographed Zach's brother's wedding and Ellen's brother's wedding.  I love both of these families and just wished they had a few more kids so we could keep this thing rolling.  Their wedding date also happened to be Ellen's birthday!  I can't imagine a better way to spend a birthday than getting to marry your best friend.  It's been a crazy month for this couple because on top of wedding planning Ellen finished Nurse Practitioner school at Vanderbilt a few days before the wedding and Zach was drafted by the New York Jets and has been at  training camp.  I think marrying his best friend gave him the special powers he needed to score his first NFL touchdown which happened about two weeks after the wedding.  If you had been at the wedding you never would have known they had so much going on because everyone was so laid back, sincere, and thoughtful.