Rain or Shine.

The word on the street is that Nashville is a bowl where pollen and other unfriendly allergens float around during season changes.   Considering that the weather fluctuates between 30 and 70 degrees from September to March, I am in a constant state of potential sinus danger.  This wouldn't be a big deal except that my job requires me to be at my best ever time I show up for work...I'm shooting people's WEDDINGS! Last night I shot a wedding completely in the dark, with rain, and a sinus infection...but still had to show up with a smile, acknowledge that the day is about them and not me, and work my photo magic.  The night before the wedding I felt like absolute crap and had a raging fever.  I can't give a medical explanation for this product but wanted to share it with anyone else that suffers from sinus issues.  This product is amazing...it shoots water up your nasal passage riding you of all the nastiness that makes you feel so awful.