"Getting Ready" Location Tips

I love shooting "Getting Ready" photos.  It gives me time to ease in to the day, get to know the bridal party, and knock out some detail shots.  This is the part of the day when it starts to become REAL for the bride and groom.  "Today is the day I am getting married" really hits you when you put on that wedding dress surrounded by your closest friends and family. I wanted to give you some tips to help your photographer get some amazing 'getting ready' photos.

1. The "Getting Ready" Room Matters

Bridal suites at churches and wedding venues can work out well, but about half the time I find myself shooting in the basement and/or a room with only overhead florescent lighting.  This is awful for photography.  I love it when brides get ready at a hotel or even a friend/family member's home.  These places both tend to offer a nice large window which creates beautiful soft light and will make you look amazing in your photos.  It is especially helpful if the window has a white sheer curtain so your photographer can have more control over the light.

2. Straighten Up

Often times I walk into a hotel room that looks like a Tornado came through, eliminated all of your bridesmaids, but left all of their everything else behind.  This 'everything else' will be in the background of your photos.  I straighten up sometimes when I really need to, but don't like to be the creepy photographer moving bags, shoes, and bras out of the way.

3. Use the Window

If you follow tip 1 and 2 you should finish up by asking your stylist to do your hair and make up over by the window.  Sometimes stylist will arrive at 8am to start with bridesmaids and I don't show up until 10:30 or 11.  By the time I arrive the stylists have already set up and it is much more difficult to convince them to move over to the window.  If you do this when they arrive it can guarantee great lighting for your photos.

4. Take Some Portraits

Before you rush out of the room to get things started allow your photographer to take some portraits using that amazing soft light.


The proof is in the photos so here are some examples so you can see for yourself...