Fake or Real?

Keela was walking down the hall towards the steps in the photo on her way to see her soon-to-be groom for the first time and as soon as I saw those steps I visualized the shot I wanted to take.  This moment was going to happen and I wanted to capture it.  I asked Keela to take her time walking up the steps.  During this brief discussion I was adjusting my settings to capture the moment.  She actually walked up the steps fairly quickly (which she realized and verbalized to me) but just having that brief moment of discussion allowed me to adjust my camera settings and capture what I believe to be a beautiful moment. What's the point?

There is a balance between capturing the day exactly as it unfolds and playing an active role as an artist to tell that story.  This moment was going to happen whether I was involved or not.  I realized the potential photograph about to happen and gave myself a few extra seconds to get ready for it.