Adventures in Italy

We're in Italy!  We have been here for a full week and absolutely love it.  Lacy and I have both been here before but we wanted to stay for an extended amount of time and really get a feel for the city of Florence and all it has to offer.  Extended Amount of Time = Bring our 1 Year Old.  Getting to and around Italy with Gray has been quite the adventure but totally worth getting to experience this trip together.  We are staying in an apartment in the heart of Florence about 3 miuntes walk from the Duomo.  You can actually see it if you crawl up on the roof of our apartment (which I did tonight).    It is amazing and has lots of crawling space for Gray plus two bedrooms so he has his own room to crash in at night.  After spending a full week here we really feel like we have seen every museum and standard tourist site in the city so now we can just relax and enjoy our last five days here in Florence.  Tomorrow we plan on taking it easy and Friday we will rent a car and drive through the wine region of Chianti down to Sienna.  The biggest challenge of the trip has definitely been monitoring the amount of pasta and gelato that we allow to enter our bodies.  Here are a few photos from the trip: