Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

Just choose me and you won't have to read the rest of this blog.  Just joking...but seriously choose me...just kidding.

I'm sure there are several blogs that hit on this subject but after an awesome meeting with a bride today I thought I would blog about this topic and offer just a few solid suggestions about choosing a wedding photographer.

#1. You should See and Like the photos from an entire previous wedding.

It is easy to create an impressive portfolio of 20 amazing photos from 20 different weddings.  Make sure to see an entire wedding so you know what your end product will look like.

#2. You should Meet and Like your wedding photographer.

Your wedding photographer will be with you anywhere between 4-12 hours on your wedding day.  If you don't like your's going to be a long day.  Make sure to meet with your photographer before the wedding and if you can do an engagement session to make sure you like the photos and the way you interact with each other.

There are many other components to choosing the right wedding photographer for you, but if you can't get past step 1 and 2 you should start over again.