Hannah + Jeremy = Little Rock Wedding

Hannah + Jeremy are such amazing people and I feel blessed that I got to capture their wedding day.  I love photographing weddings with such beautiful and unique stories.  I was also excited to return to my birthplace Little Rock, Arkansas after 27 years and absolutely no memories of the place.  Little Rock is definitely much cooler that I had anticipated.  Most of my experience with the state comes from visiting grandparents in Super Small Town, Arkansas with nothing to do but scratch mosquito bites which were always a guaranteed souvenir.  The ceremony was at Levy Church of Christ where Hannah grew up.  I loved the way they decorated the church.  The reception was at a recently renovated building owned by Hannah's family.  I loved this place.  It was all exposed brick and wooden beams and topped off with great lighting.  Amongst other wonderful things, they served fries because Hannah's dad runs a potato processing plant....which helps explain the ring shot below.  If you like the amazing shoes the flower girls are wearing you can find more of ToeBlooms designed by Hannah's sister at http://www.ToeBlooms.com/.   Be sure to check out the awesome sign in sheet designed by Lemon Tree Paper Co.  I had an amazing time getting to travel to Hannah + Jeremy's wedding and have to give them and the bridal party special points for braving the 100 degree heat.


This is Hannah trying to cool down between photos.