Rosa + Isaak

Friday night I was reminded of why I love being a wedding photographer and that the talents God has given me are meant as a gift to be shared with his children.  Friday could not have come at a better time.  Maybe it was the weather or the reality of a baby on the way, but I was starting to doubt my career and think about what the heck else I could do to pay the bills and find some sense of purpose in my work.  My mother-in-law told me about Rosa and Issac who were planning on having a wedding later this year, but due to some medical issues that Isaac is struggling through they decided to go ahead and get married as soon as possible.  After hearing my mother-in-law and wife talk about their story and what amazing people they are, I immediately wanted to photograph their wedding. We got in touch with the family at 6pm and the ceremony was going to be around 6:30pm so I grabbed my gear and headed over to Rosa's parents' house where they were having the ceremony.  They were married on the front porch.  Including myself, there were 12 of us at the ceremony.  Rosa's grandfather was the officiant.  The cake topper was a squirrel bride and groom that her grandmother had cut out of a greeting card purchased at the local store.  The reception was in the dining room at the family table where a meal was shared.

Everything about this wedding was perfect.

This wedding was about the marriage.

I live in and often get lost in the 40 billion dollar wedding industry.  There are so many beautiful layers to a wedding day that it is easy to lose the truth about what we are celebrating.  If you take away the fancy clothes, the music, the beautiful venue, the architectural masterpiece of a wedding cake, and the gourmet reception food, what do you see?  A wedding is about two people coming together before God, and the people they love to say, "I choose you."  Above all others, I choose you, and commit all that I am to you.

This is a beautiful thing.  This is what I was reminded of Friday.  And this is why I photograph weddings.

Rosa + Isaak, Thank you for this gift.