Grand Canyon

I realized that I never posted any photos from our trip out west in February.  Lacy and I went to the Grand Canyon before I headed to Las Vegas for a photography conference called WPPI.  We flew into Phoenix had lunch with one of my best friends Sewell before making the drive up to the 'big hole in the ground' as my grandpa liked to call it.  I had Lacy snap a photo of me and Sewell, but managed to lose the photos somehow. We were in then Grand Canyon one full day before deciding to leave in order to escape a snow storm of 11-16 inches .  We left just in time.  We had rented a Toyota Yaris and were driving it down I-40 as we watched cars sliding off the interstate because of the 3 inches of snow that had fallen in just an hour.  The Yaris proved to be a mighty snow beast and we made it safely to Las Vegas.  Before we made our escape I snapped a few photos.  The first photo is a night exposure.  The canyon is being lit by the moon light.